The MOAP is the first museum of it’s kind in Egypt, serves as an interactive educational center focusing on advertising and design arts, and their impact on our culture.
A cultural hub that tributes to past achievements within the scope of advertising and design, nurture public awareness of the influential role of art on the society, and serve as an educational resource for advertising and design students and professionals and the community at large. With its unique setup and theme, the MOAP is a significant and engaging center for the research in and the discussion of advertising and design.


What pops to your mind when you think of advertising? Is it the TV ads that you saw or the newspapers? Or the brands that advertising made shine? Or maybe it’s origins? The influence it leaves on the society? What about art and design? Is it the magazines? The graffiti walls? The packages and logos? Do you want to know more about this? Read books
WE’VE GOT IT ON OUR WALLS AND IN OUR LIBRARY! Everywhere here you will find data and information on design and advertising.


BEBRAND An advertising agency opened since 2000 with a passion for “Advertising & Creating Brands”. Dynamic motivated individuals, working closely to our clients, creating brands from scratch to fulfill their creative needs, we are orientals & our place is about people, we employ characters not employees, and you will probably listen to Fayrouz while you move through our desks, books & magazines are something that we can’t give up.


We offer several kinds of workshops and events in the advertising, marketing, designing and business fields and also self-development skills training in order to help our audience develop their skills for their future.

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We offer tea, coffee, biscuits and cold cuts sandwiches in our small tearoom. There are also cold drinks and ice creams available for our visitors to enjoy on sunny days. While you relax you can watch a screening of some memorable television advertisements from between 1930-1980.

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